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Backcountry Brew Co.

Backcountry Brew Company is a local, sustainable microbrewery utilizing reusable six packs, refillable bottles of various different sizes and offers incentive for locals to return their empties.


Developing the Backcountry Brew Company Experience

Backcountry Brew Company is a concept microbrewery, centered around sharing the stories of Idaho's wilderness. As my Bachelor of Fine Arts thesis, Backcountry Brew Company combines my need for adventure with my love of good beer.

When developing the concept of the craft brewery, I focused on creating a unique experience while not sacrificing on usability, and, well, reusability. Designing the bottle labels and six-pack carrier had to be practical and functional, and not wasteful...pack-it-in/pack-it-out, ya know? 


Flagship Beers
Six-pack Carrier
Coaster Postcards
Local Punchcard
Business Plan
Spacial Experience

The bottle labels and the six-pack carrier together were key for the concept. 'Regulars' would be able to choose any assortment of beers to fill their six-pack for their next adventure, enjoy their brews, and return their empties back to the brewery to receive a discount on their next six-pack. The labels were screen printed onto the bottles to reduce the use of adhesive glues and allow the brewery to rewash the bottles over and over again.

I conceptualized, designed, and built the six-pack carrier (with a bit of help from the University of Idaho's welding professor) and yes, they work!


It's all in the details

My parents met in the heart of Idaho's backcountry: dad was a smokejumper and my mom worked on fire lookouts. And thus, the Smokejumper IPA and No Business Porter are homages to my folks. They taught me the importance, as well as the need for wilderness areas, and their love for the outdoors has been passed on to their three kids, there's no doubt in that! 

All of the brewery's coasters and posters have unique photos that either my dad or myself have taken while working in the backcountry. The coasters double as postcards, so customers can send a note or share their own story with a friend, while enjoying a good brew. The menu unfolds similar to the first few folds of a forest map and, of course, the pint glasses are mason jars with handles and lids: essentials for a bumpy trail.