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Travel Alaska

Backcountry Brew Company is a local, sustainable microbrewery utilizing reusable six packs, refillable bottles of various different sizes and offers incentive for locals to return their empties.


Travel Alaska Campaign (pitch)


When it came to Alaska, Mother Nature didn’t play fair. She gave the place her highest, most beautiful peaks on the continent. Sent an abundance of amazing wildlife. Then, just for good measure, she threw in icebergs the size of the small villages that welcome you. With this approach we personified Mother Nature. She sends her condolences to other less-spectacular places—aka the Lower 48—and invites everyone to visit with her welcoming, confident and a bit sassy voice. 


The Team

Agency: CMD

Creative Director: Brian Unflat
Writer: Guy Ragnetti
Designer: Laura Lothrop
Badge Artwork: Mike Friolo


Out-of-Home advertising

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Travel Alaska Guide Book

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curate your alaska adventure : digital experience

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expect the unexpected badging system

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